Four common sense healthy feet tips that are easy to follow

Happy feet is a sign of healthy habits. Who does not want to have pretty feet? One often neglects feet while taking a shower or cleaning up which is not the ideal thing to do. Germs and dirt stick to the feet like a magnet and damage it severely. This affects the overall health as germs usually travel from the feet and make their way up into other parts of the body. So, it’s always good to take good care of your soft feet. Pampering your feet is no biggie.


Gone are the days when one doesn’t need to go out of the house or expose themselves to the increasingly polluted environment. Today, this statement holds no importance whatsoever and to address the issue of unhealthy feet, here are some easy tips maintain beautiful, soft and healthy feet in 2018.

1. Trim the toenails regularly

Toenails catch dirt almost instantly and need a regular cleanup. Do not let them overgrow as this would simply mean a larger space for germs, hence the diseases. These agents of dirt should be filed and cut properly. You can use toothpaste to clean them shiny white and essential oils for a relaxing foot massage which not only cleans the feet, leaving behind an aromatic fragrance but also relaxes the body. The oils heal chapped and broken skin, making it as soft as a feather.

2. Home remedies

Natural, home remedies have a cure for everything. Home remedies weed out the cause of a problem permanently and not just giving momentarily relief from pain. To spruce up your feet, make a salt scrub using water and cover your feet with this scrub for 30-40 minutes. Rinse and see the magic.

You can also soak your feet in a tub of warm water. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Baking Soda and relax. The dead skin will start separating itself from the skin and all you get is happy feet.

Other home remedies can be made using Lemon, Honey, Baby shampoo, Sugar crystals, etc. Basically, any crystalized or granulated natural ingredient works wonders on your skin.

3. Let your feet breathe

Avoid wearing tight footwear and damp socks. This can cause blisters and fungal i

nfection, besides unpleasant odor and uncomfortableness. Prolonged exposure to pools, sand and sea can also cause infection. Always clean up after a long walk or an outing on a hot, sunny day and make sure you do not share your footwear with anyone else. Get regular Pedicure and massages done to retain smooth feet. Use foot cream and keep feet moisturized at all times. Make your feet smooth enough to not let the cuts and cracks tangle up with silk bedcovers. Make your feet worth the flaunts and fashionable footwear.

4. Electric Callus Remover

Move over the traditional ways of cleaning your feet. Use the hassle-free Electric Callus Remover to remove callus and the torn, damaged, cracked heels. The 21st-century invention will leave you stunned with its amazing performance. The Electric Callus Remover works its magic in a couple of minutes and all you lose is the dead, chapped skin from your feet. Top brands can be seen here.

With these tips, you can certainly save a lot of money and time, besides maintaining your beautiful feet. Pamper your feet like you would do to your face and let the cracks heal miraculously.

Benefits of Electric Foot Callus Removers

The foot calluses are thick layers of dead skin under your feet. This is a natural process of protecting your skin from pressure and friction. Though calluses are mainly formed on feet they can also found on hands or fingers. Our several daily activities like standing or even walking can create pressure on our feet which result in the calluses. Wearing uncomfortable shoes or high heels also create pressure on your skin. Apart from these external things the pressure can also be formed from our bone. So, the callus is a common problem from which you can't escape unless you take care of it properly.
Though you can't prevent your skin from forming calluses you can remove it easily. There are several ways to remove foot calluses such as pumice stone, electric foot callus remover, gel removers etc.


Among these, the most effective and inexpensive way is using electric removers. There are several benefits of using this tool to remove the dead skins of your foot. They are:

  • It is the quickest way to take away calluses from your feet. You can remove the thickest dead skins within minutes with the assistance of this tool. The additional course roller that is roofed in nano mineral particle and spins in super quick motion per minute assist you to induce obviate the unwanted tegument layers of your feet.
  • This machine is additionally safer than any other way of removing skins. Using surgical knife can be proved extremely harmful and it becomes tough particularly for the beginners doing it. In the process of cutting these dead skins, you may cut yourself and may need to go to the hospital. But once you use the electrical tool to get rid of the dead skin, there's no probability of such accident. The machine is intended to complete its task manner that it'll take away the very skinny layer of your skin. It works gently on your skin thus there's slight probability of hurting yourself.
  • The machine is transportable. A number of them are tiny in size that allows you to carry them in your purse wherever you want to. Besides, these ready-to-use machines will work promptly and in no time the work will be done. You also don't have to give much effort for the task. All you need is holding it and the machine itself will remove all the dead skins gently from your foot. The machine is also easy to wash and you won't have to wash it immediately. You'll be able to wash it later and also your purse won't get dirty.
  • The electric callus remover offers your feet an amazing look within a short time which doesn't require any further effort. You won't have to horrify thinking about the foot calluses when wearing your favourite pretty summer sandals at any public place. The tool helps you to induce pretty heels by removing calluses. You don't need to worry all the time concerning being noticed for unhealthy feet.
  • You can save lots of cash too. To induce such result you need professional help which will not only cost you a lot but also waste your time. You will have to spend to get your pedicure done by the podiatrist and for this, you need to take an appointment. Then you will have to reach there on time. The process will also take a lot of time. All these become difficult in our busy lives. Sometimes you may have to visit the podiatrist more than once. But if you utilize a chargeable electrical foot callus remover, you'll be able to save lots of cash. With this tool, you can get rid of the dead skins sitting at your home in your leisure time. You won't have to worry about the extra money, extra time or even about the appointment.

To keep your feet healthy and nice removing the callus is incredibly vital. As these cannot be removed for good, you need to do it regularly. And if you do not watch out of it at the proper time it will have an effect on your regular life. So, it is better to take prevention before you face any problem.